Saturday, February 5, 2011

MMA for today(2/5/11)

MMA guys, what did you think of UFC 126?

How about Anderson Silva's front-kick knock-out on Belfort? Did you have any doubt he was going to knock Vitor THE FUCK OUT? What a freak of a fighter.

And Jon Jones dominated and DESTROYED Ryan Bader. I knew it would happen but not so decisively.

I reckon Jones should get a bit more experience, go up a weight class and try to stop Silva. Now THAT would be a fight.

Also, how did you watch it? Streaming or otherwise?


  1. I bought it it was kinda of a let down I was hoping belfort would fight longer lol

  2. Didn't catch it but will look for the replay...


  3. Bloody lightweights compared to the 80's if you ask me.

  4. I watched a stream of it online. It was glorious.