Wednesday, February 9, 2011

artsy shit

Hey guys recently Ive been talking to this girl who really loves art and being a former tattoo artist and an avid musician she pointed something out to me, how under appreciated true art really is. being a university student i hear all sorts of things about different life paths but the ones that drive me nuts are people who criticize art majors. my school is a small sister school of CU(colorado university) and being an engineering major the thing i hate most that i hear is people claiming how useless theater, arts, and music majors are. personally preforming in front of people is one of my greatest fears and for someone to want to do that for the rest of their lives really amazes me not to mention the talent involved. i don't entirely know if I'm just biased but hey its a skill weather there's a fuckton of money in it or not.


  1. Music I can appreciate, but I'm not really that into art. I feel like it promotes people talking out of their a#$ too much haha. Seems like theres a different way to interpret every piece of artwork.. but maybe thats the way it's supposed to be?

  2. I was never very appreciative about art until quite recently. My mum wanted to go to the Museum of Modern Art last time I visited her, so I went with her kind of thinking "modern art, what a wank" but I went with an open mind, and it was an awesome experience. There were some installations which challenged my idea of modern art, and it was interesting that the artwork prompted a lot of discussion between me and my Mum about a whole range of issues.